Drilling a New Well and Complete Pumping System

The first step in drilling a new well is to contact us! Our office staff will gather some information from you and Kirke will get in touch to go over the process and answer any questions. We offer a free, no obligation site visit and a free estimate! Kirke will come out to your site and physically stake the best location for your new well based on town set back requirements and customer preferences (if possible). We also discuss things like overhead wires and road access. We need to keep in mind the size of our rigs - 32 tons is equivalent to approximately 4 adult elephants, 10' wide, 38' long, and 42' tall with the tower up! Once you are ready to move forward with the drilling we will send out a contract and request the deposit.

It is always best to check with the town about whether a Well Permit is required. If a permit is required, you must apply for the permit and provide us with a copy of the approved permit before we are able to drill your well. This information can be given at your site visit, mailed, or emailed to our office.

Once site access and any necessary permits are completed we can then give you an idea of scheduling. We try to work with each customer's schedule. We do drill all year 'round, even in the winter during below 20 degree days!

Once the well is completed, we usually like to let the well sit for at least one day. This gives the well time to rest and settle. The drilling process can stir up a lot of dirt and sediment. During this period we will contact you to discuss pump and tank options based on the GPM (Gallons Per Minute) of the well and your future needs:

  • How many people will be using the well?
  • How many bathrooms are there?
  • Will there be a future pool or spa?
  • Will there be any irrigating?

These are questions that help us in sizing an appropriate system for you.

In the case of new construction where there is no existing home or foundation, we come back after the well is drilled to install what we call a "partial pumping system", where we install your permanent pump based on the GPM of the well, and install a drop pipe and wire down the well itself. Also, at this time we will retrieve a water sample and bring to the lab.

The customer will give us a call when they are ready for their pressure tank to be installed, which happens after a foundation has been poured and an excavator has opened a trench for the waterline and wire. Advance notice of two days to preferably a week is appreciated before opening the ditch. It is also helpful for us to know who the excavator and electrician are in order for us to coordinate with them.

We are a "full service" company. We can help you with just about any water system need related from the well outside up to the pressure tank in the house. We also offer repair service when, years down the road, something goes wrong. We are here to help and look forward to working with you!

Other services we offer are water conditioning, filtration and Geothermal.

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